Yaufey digital eggs incubator with egg turner reviews

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Yaufey Fully Automatic 9~12 Digital Eggs Incubator Chicken Incubator with Egg Turner & Bright Cool LED Light Egg Candler Tester & Bright Cool LED Light Egg Candler Tester- Introduction

Poultry enthusiasts are looking for an incubator to hatch their chicks have a range of options available in the market that they can choose from. Incubators simulate natural hatching conditions of birds while protecting the eggs from external damage.
Yaufey digital eggs incubator with egg turner reviews

Depending on your specific requirements, you may want to purchase a large, forced-air incubator that can accommodate several dozens of eggs at a time but can cost several hundreds of dollars or perhaps you are contemplating opting for a smaller, more portable incubator that is easier to maintain and is much more reasonably priced. If you are looking for something in the latter category, you may want to consider checking out the Yaufey Fully Automatic 9~12 Digital Eggs Incubator.

The fully automatic 9~12 Digital Eggs Incubator from Yaufey is easy to use in households. It comes with an egg turner and an egg candler as well as a humidity and temperature measuring thermometer and is fully portable

Criteria – What make a good product?

Incubators are the first homes your chicks will know right after they hatch. For the eggs to hatch perfectly, it is important that you give them a completely safe and perfectly controlled environment. Thus, one of the most important criteria that an incubator must satisfy is that it should be able to maintain steady temperatures and humidity levels. This ensures that the eggs get a consistent environment for development during the hatching stage and you get a higher hatch rate of your eggs.

The incubator must also be easy to clean as maintaining hygienic conditions is vital. Once the eggs have hatched the inside of the incubator can get quite messy, and since you will want to use the same unit again to hatch more eggs in the future, it is important that the incubator is cleaned up completely before the next batch is set in, to avoid contamination.

Yaufey Fully Automatic 9~12 Digital Eggs Incubator Chicken Incubator reviews

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The Yaufey 9~12 Digital Eggs Incubator is sold by Yaufey Direct on Amazon. It is a fully automatic incubator, and the package contains the egg incubator, the egg candler as well as a humidity gauge thermometer. The egg candler is a high-intensity candling lamp that is used to observe the development of the eggs as they prepare themselves for hatching.

The super cool LED light in the egg candler ensures that the eggs are safely illuminated, and no harm comes to them from strong or intense lighting. The humidity gauge thermometer is capable of measuring temperatures in the range of -58°F to 158°F and humidity values in the range of 10% RH to 99% RH. A LED display shows the temperature and humidity values giving you precise readings.

The shipping weight of the entire package is 5 pounds. This incubator is ideal for hatching chickens, geese, turkeys and ducks with a maximum capacity of 12 eggs at a time. The overall dimensions of the incubator are 35.5 cm x 19 cm x 17.5 cm. The incubator is produced under strict CE guidelines and tests. It is available on Amazon. You can check the price here


  • Since the incubator comes with a fully automatic egg turner, you don’t have to manually turn the eggs, which lowers the risk of damaging the eggs due to manual handling.
  • The digital display of temperature and humidity levels means you have better control over the environment with accurate readings.
  • The incubator is quick and easy to clean ensuring that you maintain proper hygienic conditions especially for future batches of eggs.
  • This incubator is completely portable which makes it ideal for use in educational purposes. It is also reasonably priced and fully automatic, making it a good buy.


  • One of the cons of Yaufey Fully Automatic Egg Incubator is that it can accommodate a maximum of only 12 eggs, which means that if you have plans to hatch larger quantities of eggs at a time, this incubator will not be suitable for you.
  • Another limitation is that a backup battery is not included with this unit, so in the case of a power failure, there could be a loss of the hatchlings.
  • The incubator is made of plastic that is not clear, so you cannot see through the unit to view the state of your eggs, making it impossible to determine or gauge any potential harm or damage to the eggs during the hatching process.
  • Also, Yaufey is not an established company and sells its products on the Amazon marketplace, so its customer service policies are limited.
  • Some people could find this to be an issue and might prefer relying on a more established manufacturer.

However, Yaufey does have a record of positive reviews and has a high rating on Amazon signifying that the buyers of its products have been mostly satisfied with its equipment.

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Since Yaufey Fully Automatic 9~12 Eggs Incubator is mainly limited by its capacity to hold eggs, this incubator is ideal for school projects or science fairs where children need a portable unit with small quantities of eggs to be hatched. However, if you are thinking of using this incubator for more commercial purposes I would recommend choosing another incubator, and there are plenty available in the market for the same price, which can accommodate dozens of eggs at a time.


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