GQF 1588 Genesis Hova-Bator Incubator Review

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Introduce to Hova Bator Incubator 1588

For years, people have tried to replicate the incubation and hatching of eggs outside the animal. This incubator changes the game like no other. This incubator will incubate your eggs to term and hatch them too. It can be used for eggs of both birds and reptiles, but purchasers should remember that the temperature for incubating bird eggs is different from that of reptiles. GQF notes that the product should be stored and used in places with stable room temperatures therefore not in areas such as sheds or barns. The egg turner should be purchased as a separate product.

GQF 1588 Genesis Hova-Bator Incubator reviews

Criteria – What makes a good product?

For an incubator, there are three key things that need to be constant. First, that the machine maintains a good temperature, second that humidity can be monitored and maintained, and the third is that the incubator has a good insulator, the Genesis 1588 uses a Styrofoam incubator which is arguably one of the best in the egg incubating business.

With the temperature, eggs can only successfully incubate and hatch under specific environmental conditions and the temperatures for bird eggs and reptile eggs are different so it is important for this reason and others, that the product allows for the temperature depending on the type of egg and other factors. For amateurs, it is essential that the incubator comes with a preset temperature as well a detailed manual so that they have an easy start with the incubator.

Regarding humidity, it helps that by reading the display board on the incubator you can easily find out what the humidity level of the incubator is. If there is not enough humidity, the incubator becomes hot, and this is bad for the eggs.

Egg incubators with egg turners also have an edge as they would regularly turn the egg in the incubator but this function of egg turner can easily be done manually or bought separately and attached to your incubator.

GQF 1588 Genesis Hova-Bator Incubator Overview

[su_buy_from_amazon_button aff_link=”″] This Genesis 1588 fulfills most of the requirements for an effective and efficient incubator. It has built-in sensors prevent the burn up of eggs. It shows the temperature and humidity in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. However, it does not regulate the humidity. The pre-set microprocessor based thermostat digitally regulates itself. The brand is by GQF and the incubator is certified by Germany to be safe and rule compliant.

It has a 12 Volt DC power supply and operates on 100 to 240 Volt AC. It can also contain up to 50 duck or chicken eggs or 130 quail eggs. The product’s dimensions are 18 1/2 inch x 18 1/2 inch x 9 1/2 inch, and It weighs about 5.4 pounds which is considerably light.

For information on how to use the product you can have a look at this Youtube video.


  • Based on customer reviews, the incubator is easy to use and very efficient.
  • It ensures that majority of the eggs are hatched.
  • The temperature self-regulates and with some monitoring, the humidity can be maintained by adding water to a plastic tray at the bottom of the incubator.
  • The control board displays updates frequently and reflects the accurate temperature and humidity so that adjustments can be made if needed.
  • The material is Styrofoam which is not only light and easy to move around, but it is one of the most highly reliable insulators on the market.
  • There is a nice viewing window so we can see the eggs while incubating. Finally, the incubator comes preset at a degree appropriate for most bird eggs.


  • There are not a lot of shortcomings, but the incubator does not come with an egg turner.
  • This should be bought separately
  • Customers have also complained that the Styrofoam cover makes it difficult to clean and might make the product less durable since Styrofoam is not as strong as plastic.
  • Some customers pointed out, and the constant opening of the incubator to maintain humidity or turn the eggs may cause wear and tear.
  • Also, since it does not regulate humidity and how much water is left in the incubator, you should monitor the level of the water underneath the eggs to ensure the humidity does not drop lower than you would like.
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This incubator is a good way to incubate and hatch your eggs. It may be expensive, but it is worth the money as it will ensure that you have an almost perfect number of hatches. Customers should ensure that they refer to the instructions when using it to ensure successful hatches. Make sure to read this review article to make the best use of your incubator.


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