Farm innovators model 4200 circulated air incubator with automatic egg turner reviews

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Farm innovators model 4200 circulated air incubator with automatic egg turnerThe delight of growing your own produce or hatching your own eggs is perhaps one of the reasons why people build farms and ranches in the first place. Being the first thing that those birds look at can be a gratifying experience for a lot of people.

Whether you are an owner of a poultry farm or a hobbyist who wants to simply hatch his/her own chicks in the backyard, it is essential that you invest in a good incubator in order to give those eggs ideal conditions in which to ready themselves. Eggs can be expensive, and you do not want to lose them inside an incubator because of faulty equipment or unsteady conditions.

The Farm Innovators Model 4200 Circulated Air Incubator with Automatic Egg Turner is a great product on the market shelves today that has been tried and tested by several enthusiasts around the country. This product is manufactured by Farm Innovators, a leading innovator of farm and ranch-related products in the U.S.

Criteria – What makes a good product?

If you were to go the market in search of an incubator, you would find several varieties up for grabs. From bulky, forced-air incubators that can hold several dozen eggs at a time and cost several hundreds of dollars, to handy, portable still-air incubators, which are relatively inexpensive and a convenient buy for those on a budget, you can pick something perfectly suited to your needs.

An incubator is a home for your chicks before they hatch, which means whichever product you choose must be capable of maintaining the perfect temperature and humidity conditions. You wouldn’t want the temperature to fluctuate, or you will risk losing those eggs.

Think of the incubator as a womb for those little birds. In a couple of weeks, those egg shells will have cracked open with little, fluffy chicks running about the unit. You will take great care in maintaining their health afterwards, so before they hatch, you will want to ready a reliable incubator to give those eggs a perfect womb for the three weeks it takes them to hatch.

Another thing to remember when you make a purchase is that the incubator must be easy to clean once your eggs have hatched. Baby chicks can be messy, and you certainly would not want all those shell fragments or feathers stuck in corners from which cleaning becomes a tedious task. The maintenance of hygiene is extremely crucial in an incubator, especially when you set future batches of eggs to hatch.

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Product Overview

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[su_buy_from_amazon_button aff_link=”″] The Farm Innovators Model 4200 can hold up to a maximum of 41 eggs. Made of recycled polystyrene foam, the incubator comes with two large windows, each measuring 9-½ inch x 3-½ inch. This means you will not have to open the incubator to check on the eggs, and you can observe them easily without disturbing the conditions inside. The incubator comes with an inbuilt hygrometer, which is extremely useful in measuring the humidity as well as the temperature. The automatic egg turner turns the eggs every four hours. Additionally, the incubator has a fan that draws in fresh air. A red light is used to indicate when the unit is in operation.

This incubator is 17.8 x 18 x 7.8 inches in size, and the packaging weighs 7.6 pounds, while the unit itself is 5 pounds. It is available in white/tan colour. The retail price of the Farm Innovators Model 4200 Circulated Air Incubator with Automatic Egg Turner is $$$, but if you were to order it at Amazon, you could buy the same model for $$

Here is a video on YouTube of a user using the Farm Innovators Model 4200 to hatch Ameraucana chicks:


If you are a small farmer or your commercial poultry business is done on a small scale, the Farm Innovators Model 4200 is an ideal product for your hatchery. Since the incubator features an automatic egg turner, the headache of having to manually turn the eggs, as is the case in Farm Innovators Model 2100, is automatically done away with. Who would want to be standing next to the unit, keeping an eye on the clock, just to turn the eggs every four hours? The risk of losing eggs to manual handling is significantly reduced because of the automatic egg turner, and the hatch rate is much higher. The incubator also manages to keep the temperature and humidity levels steady, once they have been set correctly.

In addition to chicken eggs, you can also use the Farm Innovators Model 4200 to hatch peafowl and guinea eggs. This incubator has a much better record of hatch rates when compared to the Farm Innovators Model 2100 which happens to be a still air incubator. Also, compared to several other models available in the market, the Farm Innovators Model 4200 is relatively less expensive, so it is a great buy for those not looking to shell out too much money.


The built-in thermometer of the Farm Innovators Model 4200 has been found to be inaccurate in several cases. Users have found the thermometer to read a couple of degrees lower or the humidity reading to be higher when compared with another thermometer. This means that setting the correct temperature at the beginning can be a bit of a hassle. To ensure proper temperature, you will need to buy another reliable thermometer to check whether the conditions are stable. Run the incubator for about 8 hours before placing the eggs inside the incubator to make sure that the correct temperature holds. This is one of the most voiced concerns of users of the product, as, without the perfect temperature and humidity conditions, you are at a risk of losing your eggs.

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Barring the inaccuracy of the inbuilt thermometer, the Farm Innovators Model 4200 Circulated Air Incubator with Automatic Egg Turner is a recommended buy for small-scale poultry owners as well as for usage in educational projects like science fairs. The unit is conveniently sized, delivers well when compared to its price and is ideal for hatching small batches of eggs at a time.




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