Farm innovators model 2100 still air incubator Reviews

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Any hobbyist who is enthusiastic about poultry care and has a love for hatching eggs on his own must consider using the Farm Innovators Model 2100 Still Air Incubator. Whether you own a ranch or are just looking to hatch some chicks in your backyard, the Farm Innovators Model 2100 Still Air Incubator is a decent incubator to consider. It sells at a reasonable price of approximately $$ (see the current price) and is one of the leading products available in the market today.

farm innovators model 2100 still air incubator reviews

Criteria to choose the best product for you

The primary function of an incubator is to provide a safe environment for the eggs and give them accurate conditions under which they can hatch. Any good incubator must provide precise temperature and humidity conditions, both of which are critical to the process of hatching. Fluctuations in temperatures can cause the hatch rates to go down.

Still air incubators can be extremely useful in hatching a small quantity of eggs. A still air incubator requires you to turn your eggs manually. Water needs to be added to a reservoir to provide the eggs with appropriate humidity. Also, once the eggs have been hatched, it is crucial to clean up the incubator properly. This can be a difficult task because of the mess the chicks can create. Any incubator you choose must thus be easy to clean up after.

Farm innovators model 2100 still air incubator Overview

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[su_buy_from_amazon_button aff_link=””] Made with polystyrene foam, the Farm Innovators Model 2100 Still Air Incubator has two large windows measuring nine-and-a-half inches by three-and-a-half inches that can be used for the observation of the eggs. The incubator can accommodate up to four-dozen eggs at a time and comes with a built-in hygrometer, which measures both the internal temperature as well as relative humidity.

The incubator also contains a red indicator light to show when the heater is in operation. A reliable temperature setting is provided by solid-state circuitry, and an additional thermometer is also included. This model can hold approximately 45 eggs of chicken, 115 of quail, 90 pheasant eggs and 41 of turkey or duck eggs. The Farm Innovators Model 2100 Still Air Incubator weighs 3 pounds and is 17.8 x 18 x 7.8 inches in size.

While the directions for using this incubator are included with the product, I have outlined the steps for hatching the eggs below, as a quick guide:

  • The use of a liner is recommended with this incubator. Aluminum foil can be used on the bottom of the incubator, but reusable plastic liners are also good as an alternative. The Farm Innovators Model 2100 Still Air Incubator does not come pre-fitted with a liner, and since maintaining hygiene is important, you will want to avoid infecting the incubator for future batches of eggs, the use of a liner is highly recommended.
  • Once you have plugged in your incubator, set the temperature on the built-in thermometer that is inside. A fixed temperature of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit must be maintained within the incubator. Once the correct temperature has been set, and you are certain that it is steady, add water at the bottom in the reservoir. You can refill the water as and when needed.
  • On each egg, mark an “o” on one side and an “x” on the opposite side, using a pencil. Place the eggs with the “o” side facing upwards. The incubator requires you to manually turn the eggs about 2-3 times every day. Depending on the type of eggs you are hatching, stop turning the eggs about three days before they are due so that the chicks can ready themselves to hatch.

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  • It is much easier to control the humidity condition with the Farm Innovators Model 2100 Still Air Incubator.
  • As a lightweight product, this model has found great favor with users.
  • It is also reasonably priced, making it easily affordable for people looking to hatch eggs in small quantities.
  • Farm Innovators also have additional products in their catalogue that can be used as add-ons with this incubator including air circulator and egg turner.


  • One of the disadvantages that this product’s users have seen has been fluctuation in temperatures with the built-in thermometer.
  • To counter this, a second digital thermometer must be used for reference, to check the accuracy of the temperature and to ensure that heat in the room is being maintained consistently.
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The Farm Innovators Model 2100 Still Air Incubator has been used successfully, both by enthusiasts as well as for educational purposes. Whether you are planning a project to enter a science fair, or simply want to gift an incubator to your mom so that she can hatch chicks of her own at home, the Farm Innovators Model 2100 Still Air Incubator is recommended to anyone who is on a budget and looking to hatch small quantities of eggs at a time.


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