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Intro to Circulated Air Incubator

When it comes to Fall Harvest Products, the circulated egg incubator, known as The Incredible Egg Incubator, is a quality item. Listed at a fair price, The Incredible Egg Incubator will service your egg hatching needs. Whether it is a source of food or just a hobby, you can’t go wrong with choosing this innovative table-top incubator. Fall Harvest Products are made with you and your harvesting needs in mind. This product development and manufacturing company are dedicated to designing and producing quality products for the small farming community, so you know that you can count on them when it comes to finding different ways of incubating your eggs for the season.
Circulated Air Incubator review

CRITERIA- What Makes a Good Product?

In the small farming community, people do not realize the convenience of the new developing technologies being created and made to help the process of everyday work. A lot of farm work can be difficult, hard labor, and time-consuming, but Fall Harvest Products has stepped in to make your lives easier and more manageable. The Incredible Egg Incubator is a quality made circulating air incubator to ensure a better hatch percentage and success rate, along with maintaining a constant temperature to guarantee you the best possible outcome. What makes this product exciting is how easy and simple this makes hatching your eggs.

Product Overview

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[su_buy_from_amazon_button aff_link=”″] So, The Incredible Egg Incubator is a fantastic product produced by Fall Harvest Products. This item features 52 egg capacity (41 with egg turner, which is sold separately), it comes with removable plastic liner, viewing windows, a built in circulated fan, and 155 volts’ household current. This item measures at 18.9×18.3×6.8 inches and only weighs 5 LBS. This item is listed and can be found on

The Pros

There are many competitors when it comes to advancements in farming techniques, but The Incredible Egg Incubator really stands out. The fact that it has a built-in fan for circulating air is unique compared to basic egg incubators. This product is also a convenient and manageable size only weighing in at 5 LBS. There has been at least a 75% hatch success rate. Some have claimed that they’ve had 100% success rate each time. This is a silent machine, so it will not disturb you much. This incubator is very reliable. Fall Harvest has great insight on their product line, and they are very knowledgeable when dealing with customer service. This is a great incubator for beginners and very easy to learn how to use and is also an easy cleanup.

The Cons

There are many great things about this item, but there are still a few things to consider when purchasing this product. One particular thing is that once you have over two dozen eggs in the incubator, it becomes slightly difficult to check the water level and temperature. Many customers have added that they also purchased the egg turner as this is very helpful with this product to eliminate the time it takes to do it yourself and in case you forget to turn them manually. Some customers have said that they had to buy extra thermometers and hydrometers to check that you have actual temps. One last thing is that few customers have reported that the mesh platform did not hold up as expected.
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Whether it’s your first time with incubating your own eggs or if it’s the hundredth time, The Incredible Egg Incubator is a great tool for you to have a nearly 100% success rate, with the circulating air feature, to make the job easier. There is no way you won’t succeed! So, if you decide you want to make your farming life easier with The Incredible Egg Incubator by Fall Harvest Products, I hope this article made the choice simple for you!

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