Do Chickens Eat Mice?- Facts you need to know about chickens

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Did you happen to spot some mice or another rodent in your chicken coup? Or did you just catch your chickens feast on mice? Worry not; your chickens haven’t gone barbaric! Chickens are anything but herbivores, so meat, worms, rodents, and even small snakes in certain situations act as a part of the active diet of chickens. These are a part of their natural appetite and you really can’t do much about keeping mice at bay.
Do Chickens eat Mice
So, if you are wondering that do chicken kill mice and then eat them, well, you are not entirely wrong. Chickens are known to gobble down almost anything and everything. Being omnivorous creatures, mice are neither an exception nor an exemption to this rule of chicken diet.

Will Chickens Eat Mice?

This is an ongoing question among chicken enthusiasts and a simple and short answer to it would be – yes. Chickens will eat mice, but not necessarily always. They do not crave mice, a chicken will not actively or hungrily chase after a mouse. A chicken catches mouse mostly when they are woken up from their sleep or when their nests are tried to be won over by one.

It is a fact that chickens are exceptionally sound sleepers. It is also a fact, though lesser known, that mice are fond of chicken coups. Mice are attracted to the cozy, warm atmosphere of the resting and breeding spots of your chickens and aim at either shooing away the chickens or making place for themselves in the neighborhood of their nests.

For achieving this, they pick on chickens whilst they are asleep by biting their feathers, feet and even chewing on them. The chickens, as a defense mechanism, attack the mice to save their feathers which could otherwise easily become a bedding for the little mouse babies. Mice babies, owing to their small and easily targetable sizes, are a fond cuisine of the chickens – comparable to worms and insects.

In case you are wondering how different a rooster’s diet is from a chicken’s and do roosters eat mice as well, then remember that a rooster is also an omnivore, that should be sufficient to know that the answer is in the affirmative. Having said that, you do not need to worry about the egg composition at all after this discovery! The eggs your chickens lay have protein as their primary content, so if anything, those eggs will be bigger in size after your chicken’s feast.

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After this epiphany related to your chickens’ diet, if you’d rather they do not eat mice and stay far from them, you could undertake some actions. Ensure that small holes leading up to the chicken coup are covered or plugged. Planting mint trees around the coup could also help keep the mice and other rodents at bay. Cleaning leftovers from the barn, keeping a barn cat and avoiding feeding the chickens at night time could also potentially help in preventing the onslaught by mice. In the end, your chickens are a part of the food chain and you should stay away from worry. Hope this article was helpful!

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  1. I was shocked to see my chickens fought for the mice rushing out the chicken house when I opened the bigger human size door to refill their food. The chickens were feasting with caught mice in their beaks, while I was shocked they were fast enough to catch them + show any interest in them at all. I like it when nature does the job instead of unnaturel products. I feel like a Roman talking about gladiators, considering.. anyway i caught 1 myself too and made it a pet. I can always let it go somewhere unhabited near water later.


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