Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes?

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​Proud owners of beautiful healthy chickens are you? Well, raising chickens is as difficult as raising babies – running after them, making sure they get the best food and rest can be quite a challenge. Owning a farm and taking care of the fresh produce alongside these little two – legged beauties can be a hard task for many! Talking about what chickens love to eat, I have figured out that they will and can eat ‘almost’ anything.

Can Chickens Eat Tomatoes

What could very easily seem trash or waste to you can be nibbled down after constant pecking by these little compost – munching machines. Yes, I call them by this term after witnessing their awe worthy ability to consume and devour almost anything. However, focus should be drawn to this important word – ‘almost’. Being miniature trash gobblers, there are certain things out there which aren’t meant to be eaten by them. So if you are struggling with questions like – Do chickens eat tomatoes and green tomatoes, then read on to know what to feed and not feed your chickens to raise them happily

​Do Chickens Like Tomatoes And Should You Feed It To Them?

​The thumb rule with feeding chickens is – your table scraps are better suited for their palate than your trash bin! There are numerous urban myths circulating the Internet. Some assure potato peels, beans and avocados to be as good as poison for them while some websites out there are ready with a list about what to feed your chickens.

Fact of the matter remains – chickens love tomatoes, period! I cannot recall the number of times I have seen chicken go wild behind these juicy, ripe tomatoes. It is believed by some that plants belonging to the ‘nightshade family’ should be kept at a safe distance from healthy chickens. Reason? Well, the presence of a toxic substance called ‘Solanine’ in most potato, tomato, eggplant and other nightshade plants is the reason behind the word of caution. Rest assured, this substance is not found in ripe tomatoes, which renders them absolutely safe for you little munchkins.

Do Chickens Eat Tomatoes

A simple way to ensure the safety and health keeping of your chickens would be to shower them with all things natural. Food items and leftovers easily found around your ranch or farm is the best produce to offer them. Remember to supplement their regular diet with frequent treats of juicy vegetables and meal worms to provide them with a fair share of nourishment. This further helps them lay eggs with a much stronger eggshell and also aids them in digestion. With all that you food your chickens with always remember that moderation is the key

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​Can Chickens Eat Green Tomatoes And Tomato Plants?

​A chicken should always be fed only what is natural to its diet. Green tomatoes, green potatoes, rotten and moldy food leftovers are a big no here! Chickens are naturally curious beings and pecking around gardens and any and every thing that comes in their sight is what they do best. Be careful if you have tomato, potato and eggplant plants around your chickens’ breeding grounds. They are highly toxic for them. Though some cases of chickens eating the leaves and peels of green tomatoes do occur, they will never go ahead after the first or second mouthful, because they taste incredibly bitter to them.

Raising chickens comprises ensuring and inspecting the food that they intake. Too much of anything is bad, so if you are wondering can chickens ever eat too many tomatoes then know this – eating too many tomatoes could have an adverse effect on the egg laying frequency of your chickens. The best way to feed them tomatoes is by chopping the ripe ones into little pieces and spreading them far out as treats to control their portion intake


​Apart from the plants mentioned above, a couple of other food products exist that should be kept far away from your chickens. These include – sprouted potatoes, pits and peels of avocados, citrus fruits, chocolates, uncooked beans, rotten and/or moldy food.

Also, keep them away from any kind of raw meat so as to avoid wild, hostile behavior and cannibalism in your chickens. They should also never be fed raw eggs, lest they may start eating them out of their nests itself!All in all, tomatoes are loved by chickens, and some indulgence now and then cannot prove heinous to their health in any way. May you raise happy, healthy chickens

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  1. Thank you so much for the information. I do worry about my babies (actually adult hens) eating anything that could make them poorly or worse still kill them. A friend of mine told me that the seeds of tomatoes are toxic. Although she has more experience than I do, I decided to do reasearch and everything I’ve read indicates that ripe tomatoes are perfectly safe, if given as a treat. I’m now looking forward to allowing my girls have this treat. Once again many thanks.


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