Can Chickens Eat Pineapple? Pineapple for chickens?

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​The typical diet of a chicken does not usually contain many exciting ingredients, grain grit and if they are lucky, the occasional bug they might find. Does this mean then, that you cannot feed your chickens anything outside of their usual modest diet? There are certain things that you should never feed your chicken like processed sweets or junk food, but it is possible to give your chickens the occasional fruity treat.

Can chicken eat Pineapple

​In this article, we will look the possibility of feeding your chickens pineapple. This sweet treat is something that you can give to your chickens if you have any leftovers, or even be given to them as a special treat. Like all good things feeding your chickens pineapple has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will go over now.

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​Reasons not to feed your chicken pineapple

As one of the more adventurous treats you can give to your chickens feeding your chickens pineapple can have its disadvantages. For instance, you may find that your chickens may not even enjoy pineapple. Chickens are animals with sophisticated tastes, and often you will find that your chickens may enjoy certain foods and shy away from eating others.

​Because pineapple has quite a robust and distinct taste, some owners have found that their chickens will refuse to eat them. If this happens you should obviously you should not attempt to persevere and feed your chickens pineapple, the idea of treating your chickens is that it will be an enjoyable for both you and them too.

Beyond this, it is important to note that pineapple is a fruit with quite a high sugar content, so it is important not to overfeed your chickens. If you want your chickens to remain healthy, you should keep them on a strict diet only giving them treats like pineapple as a very occasional treat, overfeeding them will mean that they are not able to digest the nutrients that they need to keep laying regularly and remain healthy.

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​Reasons to feed your chicken pineapple

With these warnings in mind you might think that feeding your chickens pineapple is not a good idea but if you are responsible pineapple might just be the treat that you and your chickens will come to enjoy. In fed in moderation, there is no evidence that feeding your chickens pineapple has any negative health effects for your chickens. In fact, there is some evidence that small variations in their diets can boost your chickens’ health.

​While the fact that treating your with chickens pineapple may not seem like much of a bonus, it can be quite an advantage. We all know what chickens are like; if you let them loose in your garden, they will eat more or less anything they lay their eyes on. Giving your chickens tasty pineapple to hunt for round the garden can make sure that your chickens don’t end up eating things that they otherwise should not be, and can be a fun game for you and your family.

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​Tips and tricks

If you do end up deciding to give your chickens pineapple as a treat, there are a few extra tips that will help you get the most of the fruit. The first is a warning, do not feed your chickens either under or overripe fruit, just like us the extra acidity can be quite unpleasant, and giving your chickens rotten fruit can seriously upset your chickens. A way to test to see if a pineapple is ready to eat is to gently pull one of the leaves if the leaf comes away easily it is ready to eat. An extra way to make sure your pineapple lasts longer and will be easier to digest for your chickens is drying or buy pre-dried pineapple, although not essential feeding your chickens pineapple in this form is best for them


As you can see the pineapple is quite a versatile fruit and one that can offer quite a few benefits for your chickens. However, it is by no means the best possible treat for your chickens, its high sugar content can be quite a problem, so I would only recommend this as a treat for your chickens as part of a schedule with other treats or for someone who has access to a lot of pineapples already.

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