Brinsea Mini Eco Hatching Egg Incubator Review

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Although there are a huge variety of reasons to get into breeding, some of the major distinctions can be simplified into two simple categories that will affect the kind of incubator you will buy. These categories are breeding for production or breeding for recreation.

If you are looking start breeding for production, then your criteria for a good incubator will involve the highest output of chicks for the lowest cost. However, if you are buying an incubator personal use then the kind of things that you should be looking for will not be the same as for a production style incubator.

Brinsea Mini Eco Hatching Egg Incubator Review

For instance, if you are buying an incubator for family use you probably will not need the high capacity that many production incubators offer. Fortunately, Brinsea offer a number of incubators precisely for personal and family use. In this case, I will be looking at the Mini Eco Incubator and showing you how through its design features it delivers an incubator that is well suited to use in a family environment.

Criteria – What makes a good product

Before looking more in depth at the features of the Mini Eco Incubator, we should first understand what makes a good family sized incubator. This can be split into three criteria: Cost, reliability, and ease of use. While some people might have higher budgets than others, no one wants to be spending money where they don’t need to, and by reducing the size of its incubators to 10 hens eggs, Brinsea are able to cut the cost to the consumer.

And at around $$ ( click here to check current price), mini Eco Incubator still isn’t the cheapest, so how does it justify that price tag? This is where the second criteria come in. The Brinsea brand make some of the most reliable incubators on the market for both large and small quantities of eggs, and with the Mini Eco Incubator they take some of the sturdy design principles from their larger incubators and pass them down to their lower capacity units, meaning that the Mini Eco Incubator is one of the most reliable incubators on the market.

Finally, there is ease of use. If you are buying an incubator for family use ideally you want it to be something the whole family can enjoy together. Although Brinsea does recommend having an adult present with the Mini Eco Incubator they have also taken steps to making sure that it is as child-friendly as possible.

Product Overview

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[su_buy_from_amazon_button aff_link=”″] How exactly does Incubator deliver Eco the Mini on these criteria? The first main way that it does this is through its high quality construction. Designed and manufactured in the UK all Brinsea products adhere to some of the highest standards of construction meaning you can use Incubator lets the Mini Eco Incubator again and again with minimal hassle. Moreover, the Mini Eco Incubator is constructed from special antibacterial plastics, which for family use is excellent as in drastically reduces chances of cross contamination and as an added bonus reduces any odours from the incubator. So, even the most squeamish members of the household will be happy to use it.

Another feature where the Mini Eco Incubator is geared towards family use is its straightforward design. Made from predominantly clear plastic the Mini Eco the Mini you see all stages of incubation. This is important for two reasons. The first is a practical consideration. Being able to see the thermometer at all times is very important as it means you don’t have to disturb any eggs to check the temperature. And the second reason the Mini Eco Incubator’s clear design is great for family use is the simple fact that it is engaging. Being able to see the whole process of incubation makes breeding an enjoyable pastime for the whole family.

Pros and cons:

As you can see even some of the small choices you make can affect the kind of experience you get from an incubator. However, to make your decision easier I have outlined some pros and cons to buying the Mini Eco Incubator.


  • Its quality design means the Mini Eco Incubator is a solid investment.
  • Being geared towards family use means it is easy and fun for the whole family.


  • While not essential a digital thermometer would be nice.
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There are a few reasons why the Mini Eco Incubator might not be for you. If you are looking to hatch the highest number of eggs in the fastest time, the Mini Eco Incubator certainly won’t do that, and if you are looking for the cheapest incubator around the Mini Eco Incubator again is not the incubator for you. However, if you are looking to hatch a small number of eggs and you want an enjoyable experience for everyone in your household the Mini Eco Incubator might just be for you.

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