Brinsea Products Fully Automatic Egg Incubator for Hatching 24 Chicken Eggs or Equivalent Review

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Good news for all the backyard chicken enthusiasts and farmers out there. If you have been looking for an automated and reliable solution for incubating chicken or duck eggs, here is the Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance digital egg incubator to your rescue. Brinsea has made its name in the world as the Incubation Specialist after having focused on evolving and revolutionizing egg incubator designs for the past 40 years.

Brinsea Products Fully Automatic Egg Incubator for Hatching 24 Chicken Eggs or Equivalent reviews

They believe in making hatching eggs a fun, easy and affordable activity. This latest design combines their experience with the latest technology out there, making sure nothing goes wrong in your way, be it setting the right temperature, humidity, air circulation or timely egg turning.

The completely automated, menu- driven, digital control system ensures the accuracy of the entire hatching process and eliminates guesswork to provide reliable hatches every time.

Criteria – Why Do You Need this?

There are a hundred things that could go wrong if you leave the incubation and hatching of eggs up to the modern mothers in today’s times. If you are someone like me who believes in hatching their own eggs without outward dependency, then Brinsea automatic egg incubator is the product for you.

Building on the success of decades, this egg incubator is easy to use, simple and has highly accurate digital controls with an interactive display of temperature and humidity. It offers automotive egg turning, high and low-temperature alarms, fan assisted air circulation with a good visibility of the eggs. Moreover, it can house up to 24 eggs, be they chicken or duck eggs and comes with a 2- year warranty. Now that’s a deal you want to grab!

Product Overview – What Features Does It Have?

So, to give you some more concrete reasons to purchase this product, I have listed down some of the features of this awesome incubator.

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[su_buy_from_amazon_button aff_link=””] This easy solution to your egg hatching problems promises high reliability and accuracy time and again to ensure proper hatch times. An easy to use digital menu and digital display panel can be used to set and observe the incubation settings like humidity and temperature.

The incubator in short, provides a proper environment to allow fertilized and viable healthy eggs to hatch into healthy chicks, provided no bacteria or pathogens have entered the egg membrane at any point.

A very important feature here is the automatic periodic cooling and a fan for air circulation within the unit for providing extremely even temperature. Additionally, there is an alarm for sudden critical rise and fall in temperature conditions and also you get to choose to set temperature either in Centigrade and Fahrenheit scale. Eggs are turned hourly as the whole incubator is rocked from side to side by the Auto Turn Cradle.

To furnish for the complete control over humidity, an optional advanced pump for regulating humidity is provided. A high grade cabinet, molded from top of the line ABS, is easy to clean and highly durable and is insulated for low consumption of power and optimal temperature diffusion. The egg tray provided is removable with adaptable dividers that help maximize the quantity of eggs that it can hold.

It is a great valued and flexible option for breeding chicken, geese, macaws, peafowl eggs and what’s more, it comes with a warranty of an entire 2 years, parts and labor included.

Product dimensions are : 16 x 9.5 x 12 inches ; Weight : 9 pounds


Ongoing over the reviews from people who have used the Incubator, here’s a list of the pros and cons.

  • It truly is a ‘set and forget’ unit with excellent hatch rates, perfectly accurate readings and superior to anything similar that is present in the market presently.
  • It is definitely worth the extra money for the turning unit too.
  • A great little unit, easy to clean, easy to use, easy to program and better than any Styrofoam Incubator you might have ever used to maintain temperature and humidity extremely well balanced.


There are not many major shortcomings of this Incubator except for the fact that

  • It is a little heavy on the pocket.
  • It is a little bit of work on maintaining the right humidity by working in conjunction with this unit but post the first use it proves to be a very good investment.
  • Just follow the directions provided vigorously and you’ll be good to go!
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All in all, the Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance Digital Egg Incubator is a hell of a deal if you want to invest in a reliable and simple egg incubator. With a high rating on Amazon and amazing customer reviews, it achieves what it boasts of at a slightly higher price than you would be comfortable spending at first thought.
Hope this review article was useful to you in making up your mind and getting the best information on this Incubator.

Happy hatching!

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