15 Reasons Chickens Stop Laying Eggs And The Solutions

​Chickens are usually found in homes and poultry farms. They are regarded as very familiar domestic animals. Sometimes, they are reared in homes as pets and in poultry farms by business entrepreneurs for commercial purposes; hence, their importance to mankind.They come from a number of different breeds or species which is responsible for the differences […]

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The Best Meat Chicken Breeds |TOP 15 Chickens For Producing Meat 2017

15 Best Chicken For Meat 1. Delaware2. The Cornish3. New Hampshire4. Jersey Giant5. Bresse6. Orpington7. Freedom Rangers8. Brown Leghorn9. Egyptian Fayoumi10. Turke​​​​n (Naked Neck)11. Buckeye12. Chantecler13. Brahma14. Croad Langshan15. Rhode Island RedConclusion​ In the recent times, there seems to be a growing awareness among people about the consequences of what they eat, particularly meat, its […]

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Best Chicken Plucker for Sale 2017

​The quality and build of your chicken plucker could make a big difference in the amount of time you spend cleaning your poultry. To maximize your time and assure optimal results, spend time searching for the best chicken plucker for sale in 2017! Quick Navigation ​Advantages of having a chicken plucker​What exactly does a chicken […]

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